Global Investor Solutions is a company on a journey to preserve and restore value in the communities in which we live, love, laugh, play...and sometimes work. We accomplish this through real estate development, rehabilitation and new construction.

As social entrepreneurs, we believe in ourselves and our potential to impact the world......also we like to think and be different.

Our Innovative business model & brand was aspired and actualized by Kenny Pleasant. Kenny is an entrepreneur, husband & father who loves real estate and philanthropy.

Global Investor Solution’s history has been an improbable Journey of defying odds. The team of A-players, irrefutable mindsets, work ethic & extreme tenacity are qualities that helped propel the business. However, Kenny credits all of the company’s success to God’s grace and favor.

Global Investor Solutions

505 106th Ave NE, Ste 210,

Bellevue, WA 98004

Phone. 425-298-6496

Email. Info@GlobalInvestorSolutions.com