We at Global Investor Solutions realize that meaningful change takes more than renovations and new construction. Lasting change is the result of purposeful influence on the next generation.

We have partnered with Friends of the Children by donating 5% of every transaction and through various volunteer opportunities within their organization.

Friends of the Children is a national non-profit organization, with roots in the Pacific Northwest. Friends of the Children works exclusively with children that have the highest risk of continuing the cycle of poverty. They have been transforming youth and breaking the cycle of poverty with greater than 80% success rate for over 20 years.

Friends of the Children and their purpose is admired by Global Investor Solutions Founder, Kenny Pleasant. As a child, he was also labeled "at risk." However, through mentorship, self-development, and God’s grace, Kenny overcame every obstacle in his path. Now that Kenny has defied the odds, it is important to him that he and his associates "reach back" to provide others with the opportunity to transform their legacy.

"Children are our future." -Whitney Houston

It is a cliche because it’s true.

If you want to invest in the next generation and break the cycle of poverty, you can also donate to

Friends of the Children. Be a part of the story. 

Friends of the Children

Global Investor Solutions partners with Friends of the Children by donating 5% of every transaction to the Friends of the Children Seattle, and through various volunteer opportunities.

Friends of the Children is 1 of few youth development programs working to break the cycle of poverty and violence. Their focus is preventing school dropout, teen parenting, and criminal activity—by selecting youth facing the toughest challenges and making a 12 ½ year commitment to their success, no matter what. Our model is courageous, unique, and proven. We provide each child with a salaried professional mentor from kindergarten through graduation. This full-time professional mentor ensures the quality, consistency, and commitment needed to support youth to reach their greatest potential.

Our Impact

Our intensive program helps youth gain the skills they need to become contributing members of their community and break the cycle of poverty in their families. With the challenges our youth face, our results are remarkable:

  • 94% of Friends teens avoid early parenthood

  • 93% of Friends teens avoided being convicted of a crime

  • This past year, the majority (7 out of 9) eligible youth completed high school. Nearly all (19 out of 21) program graduates have completed high school.

Social return on Investment: It makes economic sense! $1=$7

The Harvard Business School Association of Oregon estimated that for every $1 invested in Friends of the Children, the community benefits $7 in saved expenses that one child would have incurred. Supporting one child saves the community $900,000.

Mission: To accelerate generational change, Friends of the Children identifies youth facing the toughest challenges and connects them with professional mentors who guide them to develop their greatest potential and achieve their goals. From kindergarten through graduation, no matter what.


Ava and Alicia

For Ava, Friends of the Children has been a journey of discovery.

"When I first met Ava, she asked me when I would leave – that questions caused me to catch my breath," said Alicia, a professional mentor at Friends.

Ava was only 5 at the time. Throughout her short life, a long list of people had walked in and out of her life.

"Naturally, she assumed I would be another one. I simply said, ‘I won’ leave you’," Alicia said.

Ava lived with her mom, and at age 5, she assumed responsibility for taking care of her sister, who was two at the time. As a result, she missed a lot of school and started to fall behind academically. She eventually went to live with her great grandparents who were able to provide her with a stable environment. That, combined with the relentless support of Alicia, helped Ava to begin to develop the resiliency to overcome and achieve.

Beyond the classroom, Ava excelled on the basketball court, playing on various competitive teams. It became her passion, an escape and, to a degree, how she identified herself. That is, until a concussion put her on the sidelines for a season.

Alicia reminded Ava that she had other skills and talents, and encouraged her to join Friends’ poetry group. It was there that Ava discovered a love for writing. More than simply discovering a new passion, the experience enabled Ava to express herself in a new way, to see herself in a different light and discover all the great qualities she has and how far she had come.

Ava is on track to graduate high school and is working with Alicia to explore career interests and put a plan in place to make those dreams a reality.

Jessie and Brian

Sometimes the biggest breakthroughs happen when you know you have the support of someone who won’t judge you and will help you work through your faults.

That’s the case with 7-year- old Brian*, who was exposed to drugs and alcohol from the womb, whose father was murdered and mother who is a drug addict, leaving him to be raised by his 61-year- old aunt.

When Brian entered the Friends of the Children Seattle program at age 5, he struggled with aggression and developed a habit of lying to avoid getting in trouble. The adults in his life had a hard time believing him and, despite being bright, talkative and thoughtful, he didn’t have many friends at school.

Enter Jesse, his Friend and professional mentor at Friends of the Children, who is committed to helping Brian develop the behaviors and skills to rise above his circumstances. Jessie decided to create a mind map to help Brian see how making better choices would avoid putting himself in a position to lie altogether.

Jesse knew this was going to be a long process. He wanted Brian to think about how he could make better choices and why that was important.

Today, Brian creates his own map when he has to make a decision because he wants to make the right choice. Whenever Brian makes the right decision, Jesse acknowledges his progress and praises him for making the right decision–something Brian hasn’t heard often enough in his life.

While Jesse is still helping Brian work through aggressions, Brian knows that he can count on Jesse to be nonjudgmental, and help him develop the skills and behaviors to succeed.

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